Lateral Entry Police Officer
candidates are experienced police officers who at the time of their application have worked for other municipal, county, or state agencies for at least 24 of the past 36 months (post academy experience) with full police powers and have served in a "operational capacity."  "Operational Capacity" is described as having experience in handling calls for service, patrol, investigating crimes, traffic enforcement, crime prevention, case presentation and testimony in court, etc. If you are currently a police officer but do not meet the experience or certification requirements of a Lateral Police Officer, you may qualify as an entry level police officer.

Lateral Entry Qualifications for Employment

  • Be a citizen of the United States.

  • 21-45 years of age. Applicants may complete an application and proceed in the hiring process at 20 years of age if they will turn 21 by the start date of the next academy class.

  • Valid driver's license.

  • Good moral character.

  • High school diploma or GED certificate.

  • Currently be a CLEET Certified Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Oklahoma or able to complete a two-week CLEET approved Reciprocity Class which will be conducted by the Oklahoma City Police Department immediately prior to the start of the Lateral Academy, and

  • Have served in a full-time operational capacity as a law enforcement officer at a municipal, county or state government agency for 24 of the past 36 months (post academy experience) with full police powers and duties, and

  • Can demonstrate firearm proficiency on the CLEET handgun course at the OCPD Range using an approved semi-automatic handgun, and

  • Meet all minimum standards & requirements required of any other new hire police officer with the Ok

  • lahoma City Police Department.

  • Eligible for acceptance into the Oklahoma State Police Pension and Retirement System.