Thank you for your interest in applying for employment with the Oklahoma City Police Department. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the police department’s new policy on visible tattoos/body art/brands (Hereinafter referred to as tattoos) which went into effect on December 21st, 2018. Tattoos are now allowed under limited circumstances. ALL tattoos on an individual’s forearm or lower leg must be completely covered at the same time by the “Hand Rule.”NONE of the tattoos on that forearm or lower leg may be visible when covered by the applicant’s own hand. Band tattoos may not be wider than the applicant’s own four fingers extended and joined together at the widest point. Tattoos on fingers are allowed on one finger of each hand, between the knuckle and next finger joint. The tattoo must be a “ring style” tattoo which does not exceed 3/8” in width. Tattoos on head, neck, face or hands, other than approved “ring style” tattoos, are prohibited. Tattoos will be deemed not allowable if they depict, represent, symbolize, or advocate any racist, sexist, or extremist material or ideas or contain any obscene materials or acts of graphic violence, drug, alcohol, or substance abuse. Tattoos may not depict any group, organization, club, unit, society, or similar entity which advocates for or supports any racist, sexist, extremist philosophies, unlawful violence, criminal conduct, or unlawful means of depriving individual rights under federal or state law. Applicants are to understand that the application process is highly competitive, and all pre-employment requirements of the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Police Department must be met. For questions or further information, contact the Police Recruiting Office at (405) 297- 1116 or email at